Irish History Podcast

This podcast continues the fascinating tale of one of the first witchcraft trials in European history. It took place in Kilkenny in 1324.

The previous episode (available here History-1-2 – Kilkenny-witchcraft-trial-part-i) explained the background to the trial.

This show picks up the story as the trial and surrounding scandal began in March 1324. This would see the Bishop Ossory clash with Alice Kyteler and her powerful but dangerous allies. The consequences would be devastating for those caught in the middle.

To accompany these podcasts I am organising a once off day long tour on April 20th 2019 to Kilkenny to visit the spectalar remains of the medieval city. This will be an interactive experience enhanced by listening devices so you will hear the sounds of the 14th century while standing in the places where this trial took place.

Tickets which include private coach, entry into three paying sites, a walking tour of Kells priory and medieval Kilkenny cost €100. This also includes a meal.

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