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Each year on March 17th, millions of people attend St Patrick’s day parades in memory of the man who reputedly converted the Irish to Christianity. He is a figure shrouded in myth but in this podcast we examine the truth behind the one time slave and famous bishop Patrick…

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This show begins an exciting journey through one of the most turbulent years in Medieval Ireland. From 902 - 930 Ireland’s most powerful family – The O Neills go to war with their traditional enemies – The Eoganacht. However the Vikings are waiting in the wings to take advantage of the chaos that follows starting an even larger conflict.

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The early 9th century saw the Vikings step up their raids and attacks on Ireland. Terror gripped coastal communities as vast fleets appeared on the horizon unleashing brutal raids. This podcast looks at how the Gaelic fought back. Will also Vikings found a rough trading post known as 'An Dubh Linn', The Dark Pool or as we know it today Dublin.

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Episode 3 is a whistle stop tour through the Viking World visiting places from Baghdad to Newfoundland explaining how the Vikings connected these far flung places to Ireland. In this episode we also see the first Africans arrive in Ireland in the 9th century and explain how a coin from Armenia ended up amongst the remains of people massacred by the vikings in rural Ireland in the 10th century!

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This shows looks at the arrival of one of the most fearsome and notorious warriors in Irish history – the Vikings. These Scandinavians have been caricatured throughout the centuries as marauding maniacs a somewhat undeserved reputation. However in this episode they don’t exactly cover themselves in glory.

The show will reveal what drove people in Scandinavia to launch what were terrifying raids, how these raiders reached Ireland and then before the episode ends we will join them for their onslaught on Irish monasteries.


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This episode begins what will be a fascinating journey through the last 1500 years of Irish History looking at some of the most fascinating chapters in the island’s past. While the coming episodes will chart everything from great battles to Viking raids all the way to rebellions we will also stop in the houses, towns and villages to see what daily life was like for our distant and not so distant ancestors.  Did people really only live to 40 in the Middle Ages? Maybe you’ve been puzzled how people survived before email, phones, cars or even proper roads? 

'Barbarians' sets the scene by looking at what life around the year 500. This will take us deep into the day-to-day existence of our predecessors tasting the food and experiencing the horrors of a medieval dentist? Through this show we see the arrival of Christianity to an Ireland that had been a pagan outpost in for centuries.

(Remastered 2016)


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