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During the high summer of 1235 the west of Ireland witnessed one of the most violent chapters in its history when the Normans launched their conquest of the west. This campaign culminated in the storming of an Island fortress using siege engines on floating platforms and fire-ships. Need I say more?

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In February 1317 Dublin faced its greatest crisis. A huge army lead by Robert the Bruce, king of Scotlan d was making its way to lay siege to the city. With no army to defend the city, Dubliners were effectively on their own. However everyone in the city could not be trusted, a few days earlier the Earl of Ulster who also happened to be Bruce’s father in law arrived. Within weeks most of Dublin would be burned to the ground but not in the way you might expect

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This episode looks at the fascinating story of Dennis Doherty. Born in Derry in 1814, Doherty would spend most of his life in Australian prisons. His story is remarkable – he was flogged 3,000 times and spent years in solitary confinement but yet he continually struggled for freedom.

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