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The year is 1067. Godwin Godwinson the son and heir to the dead Saxon king Harold Godwinson fled to Ireland after the Norman Invasion of England. This podcast looks at the world he found in Ireland. How did he travel to Ireland? What did Dublin look like, sound like and smell like? What did people eat? What did they look like? What weapons did people use? What was the Brehon law? All this and much more is answered in this podcast which follows the heirs of Harald Godwinson through Ireland in 1067.

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Episode 15 is a story of murder and injustice, set in 19th century Ireland. In a country struggling to recover from the famine tenants despised landlords and their agents who had treated them brutally during the famine. When an agent John Ellis was assassinated in north Tipperary in 1857 almost everyone in the area became a suspect. Find out what happened next...

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Episode 14 sees Gaelic Ireland struggle to deal with the crisis and chaos that followed the death of the high king Maelseachnaill Mac Domnaill. This podcast journeys through a highly uncertain world where war was frequent and life had little value as several kings battled to control the island. We will see many try and emulate the great high kings including the most famous Diarmait Mc Mael na mBó, the king of Leinster. This show also includes a close look at the strange place that was Viking Dublin and the unknown history of the Gaelic Irish reaction to the norman invasion of England in 1066.

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In 1597 Dublin was ripped apart by a massive explosion which killed over 1% of the city’s population. This podcast looks at the background to the incredible events of March 1597. Set to the backdrop of the Nine Years War, when tensions ran high in Dublin as the English Army used the city as a key logistical base, this episode looks at how Dubliners struggled to survive in a world of massacres and war. This podcast also includes the story of Dublins earliest recorded strike!

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Brian Boru is without doubt Ireland’s most well known medieval king, while a battle he fought in 1014, the Battle of Contarf, is Irelands most famous medieval conflict. In this podcast we look at the real story behind Brian and the Battle of Clontarf. How did he become high-king? Was he really the first man to unify Ireland? Why did Vikings from as far away as the Orkney Islands flock to Ireland and assemble on a field in Clontarf, North of Dublin to face down Brian Boru and his allies in 1014? What happened after Brian Boru died?

This podcast also tells the unknown but fascinating story of the wars he waged against the Northern kings between 1002-1011 in his conquest for power in a world of intrigue and betrayal…..

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Episode 10 sees the emergence of a titantic struggle between the two major players of the late 10th century – the O Neill High King, Maelseachnaill II and Brian Boru, the King of Munster. This war was without question one of the greatest conflicts in early medieval Ireland.

In a story full of intriguing naval attacks, sieges and deceit the superpowers of 10th century Ireland, unleash their devastating military power on each other with fascinating consequences. This episode also takes a look at daily life in Ireland  around 1000 CE recreating the sights and smells while looking at the strange diseases that could kill you if war didnt get you first!

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Episode 8 sees medieval Ireland stand of the edge of a precipice. A rootless struggle for control of the O'Neill kingdom breaks out in the North, while in Munster a new comer to the podcast – the Dal Cais challenge the King of Munster for power in the South. While Ireland is on the verge of chaos we look at how these wars imapcted the lives of ordinary people as they also famine, hard winters and an out break of leprosy and dysentery. By the end of the show Medieval Ireland will have changed and Irelands most famous king Brian Boru will have started his rise to power……

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Episode 6 is the start of one of the great stories of medieval Irish history that wil finish with the rise of Brian Boru. Gripping, ruthless and at times blood curdling this history is full of twists and turns. Over the next three shows we will see the O Neill kingdom, who have dominated the first five episodes, see their power challenged by the Dal Cais (the family of Brian Boru). This will see many challengers rise and fall as these two families battle it out for supremacy in medieval Ireland.

Today we begin with the rule of the O’Neill High King Donnchad Donn who rose to power in 919. His life was intertwined with one of the greatest O’Neill warriors Muircherteach Mac Neill, eulogised on his death as “the hector of the west”. Find out how he earned that name and how Brian Boru’s family, the Dal Cais, fight their way into the story.y

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Each year on March 17th, millions of people attend St Patrick’s day parades in memory of the man who reputedly converted the Irish to Christianity. He is a figure shrouded in mystery and myth but in this podcast we examine the truth behind the one time slave and famous bishop Patrick. Tune in to hear the real history behind Ireland’s conversion, who St. Patrick really was and how he become associated with snakes and shamrocks….

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In this episode we begin an exciting journey through one of the most turbulent times in Medieval Ireland. The years 902- 930 see Ireland’s most powerful faction – The O Neill kingdom go to war with their traditional enemies – The Eoganacht. After three years of war only one survives creating a power vacuum, which the Vikings fill, starting yet another war! This show looks at a long forgotten but fascinating period in our history and how it profoundly shaped Ireland and the people who lived through these turbulent times.

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